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Scott Point

Scott Point, Hobsonville, NZ


150 ha – 3000 Dwellings




Project Description


Scott Point Development was a design led subdivision development, with infrastructure and build for around 3,000 new dwellings in Hobsonville, Auckland. This was a unique opportunity to create a new urban development taking on the challenge of providing much needed new housing in Auckland faster and better. When a development has this many challenges, (38 different landowners, which included the Auckland City Council) and a scope that required urgency and meticulous strategy and planning only the best will suffice.

Tenants & Building Usage

A new urban development that addresses much needed housing in the Greater Auckland region that called for precision planning, smart strategy and incredible design. Using innovation design techniques to pull all of the pieces of the “puzzle” together from residential build, infrastructure and roadway lighting the objective was met and awards won.

IBEX’s Role in the Project

In line with the requirement for precinct urban planning that incorporates a multitude of statutory and design demands, IBEX were the compliant and lighting design solutions experts of choice. A major consideration for the developers was the road lighting team had to exceed expectations when it came to council regulatory requirements for the strategic planning and development facilitation. That’s where IBEX swiftly stepped in and filled that need with ease. You can do things the easy way or the hard way and IBEX made the developer’s life a whole lot easier.

Key Products

  • Mini Stork
  • 6M Taper Milford Pole


IBEX would like to congratulate Harrison Grierson on being awarded the Supreme Practice Award (the Nancy Northcroft Planning Practice Award) and the Best Practice Award (District and Regional Planning) at the New Zealand Planning Institute’s 2016 Awards for its work on the Scott Point Structure Plan and plan variation.

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Do you need more information?
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